Brooklyn Baucom
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Born in Iowa on November 07, 2000. brooklyn was 6lbs and 12.5oz blond hair and blue eyes
november 9 2000

first bath at home

december 2000
first christmas
hospitalized for 4 days
she was running a really high fever and took her to the doctor  and she was very dehiderated and they admitted her and they had to take a needle in her spine and you could hear her down the halls i stayed there and never left i bought her a angel with a star and said heaven sent that was true she is an angel that was only loaned to me for 5 great years she wil never be forgotton
first easter 2001
took pictures at grandpas, first easter
dec. of 2000
family dinner with grandma
may of 2001
first trip to arkansas  , at the lake with aunt nacy. first time at the lake.
first halloween

we had fun putting faces on them . she was so scared of some stuff. like the skeletons and ect.. but i had fun taking them to it.

october 2005
this was her last school picture taken at headstart. she was always full of smiles . i wish i could hold her i miss her so much. that day  curled her hair and fixed her up. after the pictures she took the little brets out she hated her hair to be up no matter what i put in her hair it always was down when i picked her up. no matter what i will hold u in my heart.we will be complete as soon as god calls us home. Then we can be a family again.
december 23 2005

this is when my life ended. please buckle up for safty u never know if tommorrow will come

december 23 2005
ths is the car from hell , i wish i could bring everything back but i can't. i only have memories . i will always feel guilt not having them in car seats. so only thing now is too preach to everyone else. she is my little angel will forever be in my heart....
december 23 2005
the cross that will stay.
december 27, 2005

this was a rough day i was so num and didn't know what to do . my life ended . i wish i could see you one more time but i know i can't but i know i will see you again. Your memories i will keep in my heart , as long as i am alive you will be too.

december 28, 2005
this was the hardest day because i had to let you go, seeing the casket close was hard because it was dark in there and knowing i could not see you again but in pictures. i won't say goodbye but iwill say i will see ya soon. i miss you so much i just want to see you laugh and smile and tell me that u love me i miss everything. u taught me alot and i thank you for that. love always your mommy.
Passed away on December 23, 2005 at the age of 5.
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